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Sagardoetxea - El museo de la sidra vasca
Sagardoetxea, herri baten erroak

Basque Cider Museum

Kale Nagusia 48
20115 Astigarraga Gipuzkoa

Tel: 00 34 943 550 575
Fax: 00 34 943 331 311

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Schedule (Opened all the year round):
Tuesdays - Saturdays: 11:00-13:30 • 16:00-19:30
Sundays and holidays: 11:00-13:30
Mondays closed.
July and August open every day.

Groups : 3,5 euros (including entrance fee and tasting).
One person: 4.00 euros (including entrance fee and tasting).
Under 10, accompanied by an adult: free
School children and Free Time groups: 2 euros
Groups: Consult about other timetables.


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Sagardoetxea, Basque Cider Museum is the ideal place to get to know the culture of cider.

It has three different areas that allow you to get close to the history and reality of the apple and cider: the apple orchard, the museum and the tasting centre.

The apple orchard is an outdoor space where you can estimate by a dynamic and pedagogic approach the apple culture. Here diverse demonstrative activities, educations are developed, grafts and cultures brings the visitor over the fascinating nature world in a pleasant and entertaining context.

At the apple orchard bottom, the museum area, a center endowed with the most advanced technologies resources, which show the history across computer panels, interactive material, pictures and games; the past, the present and the future of the exciting apple world, the sagardoa and its cultural importance in Euskal Herria.

The third differentiated space of Sagardoetxea is dedicated to the sagardoa trying and degustation, especially to the Txotx rite initiation. Sagardoetxea complex also have a shop where you can acquire great ciders, all kinds of products derived from the apple as well as different recollection, promotion, documentation and information elements linked to the sagardoa world.

Sagardoetxea - El museo de la sidra vasca

The Museum offers an an educational program for schools and leisure groups that combines knowledge of the different aspects related to the culture of the apple and of cider with educational and pedagogic games.

Some of the main activities offered are: picking apples with the traditional kizki, apple crushing with the pisones, kirikoketa singing, apple and apple juice tasting, the whale hunting game, etc…

Sagardoetxea - paseo temático Santiagomendiko Sagardo Bidea

Another activity offered by the Sagardoetxea Museum that allows you to get into the culture and history of Basque cider, is a themed walk on the Santiagomendiko Sagardo Bidea (Santiagomendi Cider Path). This is a tour among apple trees and cider houses with a cider-press where cider is produced. The starting point is the apple orchard of the Sagardoetxea Museum.

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Kale Nagusia 48
20115 Astigarraga

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